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The generosity of hundreds of individuals and organizations keeps the Boston Harbor Islands thriving—and enables us to bring our visitors exciting opportunities for recreation, learning, and more. Many charitable organizations support the park mission. Among them, two members represented on the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership have a solely island focus. We hope you’ll be part of the growing community of financial supporters who make the Boston Harbor Islands a priority for their charitable giving.

Boston Harbor Island Alliance

Boston Harbor Island Alliance—represented on the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership—promotes the use, enjoyment, and awareness of the Boston Harbor Islands national park area by creating vibrant public spaces, facilities, and programming on the islands, as well as raising and managing public and private resources to support the park.

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center—represented on the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership—creates positive and lasting change by providing learning expeditions for young people, adults, and organizations that leverage the island park as a resource along with Outward Bound core values.



Boston Harbor
Island Alliance

Thompson Island

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